Scheduling Tests or Alternative Testing

Detailed Process for Alternative Testing (Receiving Exam Accommodations)

For an instructional video on how to schedule a test with ANU click here.

Steps for Utilizing Testing Accommodations

  1. To utilize approved testing accommodations, Check the box marked "Alternative Testing" when requesting accommodation notification emails in the database.

  2. Discuss testing accommodations with your instructor to determine if they will proctor your tests (recommended when possible) or if you will need ANU to proctor your tests.

  3. If you are taking tests at ANU, schedule them through the online database at a minimum one week in advance.

ANU Testing Policies - Scheduling

  • Students, not professors, are responsible for scheduling ALL of their own exams

  • Exams must be scheduled through the online database at a minimum one week in advance.

  • Make sure your instructor is aware that you are taking the exam at ANU.

  • Exams should be scheduled during the class exam time and within ANU business hours (Mon-Fri, 8:30-5:00 or During Finals Mon-Thurs, 8:30-7, Fri 8:30-5:00)

  • If you are unable to schedule your exam during the class exam time due to your class schedule or ANU office hours, you must agree upon an alternate time with your instructor.

  • Students scheduling exams less than three business days in advance are not guaranteed a seat at ANU for their exam

Summary Instructions for Scheduling an Exam with AccessibleNU

  1. Login into AccessibleNU Database to check Alternative Testing

  2. Selecting a class

  3. Terms and Conditions of Exam Scheduling

  4. Exam Details

  5. Add Exam Request

Important Notes on Alternative Testing

  • Most students benefit from ready access to the professor or TA to ask questions during the exam. Moreover, AccessibleNU has limited testing space. We therefore implore you to talk with your professors/TAs early in the quarter and encourage them to proctor.

  • As with any exam taken at Northwestern, rules of academic integrity apply, and any student suspected of a violation will be reported to their instructor and academic dean.

  • There will be no testing contracts for Chicago Campus students and thus no test-proctoring at AccessibleNU's Chicago Campus location. We apologize for any inconvenience.