Requesting Accommodations

Getting Started

screenshot of requesting accommodations process

After logging into our database, locate the section on your dashboard called "Select Accommodations for Your Classes." You should see all the courses for which you are registered listed within 24 hours of registering for them. If any are missing, please email AccessibleNU with all the course information (course reference number, professor, name of class, etc.).

  1. Select the boxes for every class for which you wish to receive accommodations (see screenshot right). Click "Continue to Customize Your Accommodations."

  2. Select the accommodations you are requesting for each class. (Only accommodations for which you have been approved will be viewable.) Many of you will see the accommodation option "Alternative Testing." This refers to extra time on tests and other test-related arrangements such as reduced-distraction testing room. Make sure to select this accommodation if you intend to use your test-related accommodations.

Note: Although they are not visible to you, your professor will see the specific alternative testing accommodations for which you have been approved. If you'd like to confirm your exact testing accommodations, you can view or print the pdf of your accommodation letter after AccessibleNU staff have approved your request.

Next Steps

screen shot of requesting accommodations
  1. After you have completed making the appropriate selections for all classes, check the boxes to give AccessibleNU permission to email the notification to your professors. If you prefer to notify professors yourself with a printed out letter, do not check these boxes, and email AccessibleNU so that we can change your database preferences to facilitate your preference.

  2. Click: "Submit your Accommodation Requests."

Finishing Up

screen shot for requesting accommodations
  1. A screen will be displayed (see screenshot right) that reads, “System update is successful. System has successfully processed your request.”

  2. Login to the database in 3 business days to verify that your accommodation requests have been approved.

After Requesting Accommodation Notifications

Now, unless you want to do any of the following,

You're done with the technical side of requesting accommodation notifications. It is critical, however, that you next follow up with your instructors to ensure they have:

  1. Received your accommodation notifications,

  2. Discuss testing arrangements, specifically if your instructors can proctor or if you need to schedule your tests for proctoring by AccessibleNU,

  3. Discuss the implementation of any other accommodations that may require your professor's assistance (such as a note-taker).

See our exam-proctoring details page for more detailed information about accommodated testing at Northwestern.