Logging into AccessibleNU Database

logging into accessiblenu screenshot

Instructors expect to receive accommodation notifications by the end of the 2nd week of each quarter. Make your requests accordingly, keeping in mind that 3 business days notice is required.

Log into the AccessibleNU website: https://teton.accessiblelearning.com/Northwestern.

You will need to use your Net ID and password (Note: your password is not stored in the system). Once entered, you are directed to "My Dashboard." This will be your personal homepage, which will alert you if you have any items that need your attention. The first item you will see is the "Important Message(s)" box.

Next, request your accommodation notifications so that your instructors will be alerted and in a position to facilitate your accommodations. If you have already requested accommodations and you and your professor agree you will take your tests at the AccessibleNU Center, your then need to schedule an exam for AccessibleNU to proctor. YOU MUST SCHEDULE to take your exam through our database anytime you plan to have AccessibleNU proctor your exam even if your instructors tell you they will take care of coordinating proctoring with AccessibleNU.