Event Advertising & Registration

Event Advertising & Registration

The event registration process must be accessible to everyone. Ensure that your event website and online registration forms are accessible to individuals who use assistive technology. Google Docs, for instance, are inaccessible to individuals who are blind.

Provide both phone and email contact information on event registration and advertisements so that attendees can use their preferred method of communication to ask questions about the event.

When advanced registration is required, event organizers may want to provide certain communication accommodations based on requests. Deadlines for accommodation requests should be properly indicated in all registration materials.

For other types of events, particularly large events (i.e. graduation), where hundreds or thousands of participants can be expected to show up, organizers may find it easier to accommodate communication access services and not require an accommodation request deadline. Event materials should clearly indicate any aids or services that will be available (for example, “Sign language interpreters and captioning will be available at the Convocation ceremony”).

Event registration materials and program advertisements, which includes flyers, brochures, letters, public service announcements, and any other methods used to inform the public about an event should also include the Northwestern accessibility statement.

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