Priority Registration

Most students who register with AccessibleNU receive priority registration. Priority registration is considered a reasonable accommodation for students with disabilities as illustrated by the following examples:

  • Students approved for extra time on tests need sufficient time between classes to allow for their extended time on test days to avoid potentially missing another class or needing to ask to reschedule the time of the test.

  • A student with a chronic health impairment may need to carefully schedule classes with breaks around medication schedules and/or energy levels

  • A student who uses a wheelchair may need to have classes moved to accessible locations

  • A student with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder may need to take a section of course that meets for shorter periods of time but more frequently during the week (if the course is offered in different meeting formats)

Once the pre-registration period is completed, your priority registration time will appear in CAESAR.  Please note that you may not be able to see your priority registration date until the morning priority registration begins. Therefore, please wait to contact AccessibleNU until that morning if you are still not listed for priority registration in CAESAR.

FAQs Regarding Priority Registration

What's the difference between pre-registration and priority registration? I have a date listed for pre-registration, but I am unable to pre-register.

In order for upper class students to obtain the classes that they need for graduation, some schools and departments allow the students to register early for certain classes in their school or major field of study. This is called pre-registration, which is different from priority registration, and not under AccessibleNU's control. Even though all students will have a time listed for pre-registration, only a few students will actually be able to register during this time. Feel free to try to pre-register, but don’t be surprised if you are unable to do so.

When are students registered with AccessibleNU able to register?

About a week before regular registration begins, your priority registration time will appear in CAESAR. It will not be marked as priority registration, but you will know your appointment time has been updated when your appointment begins at noon on the Friday prior to open registration for all students. Please wait to contact AccessibleNU until that Friday morning if you are still not listed for priority registration in CAESAR. There is no priority registration process for summer quarter.

Are incoming first-year students with disabilities eligible for priority registration?

If students have completed their registration with AccessibleNU prior to Wildcat Welcome, yes. New ANU students are eligible to register starting at 9 AM on Thursday of Wildcat Welcome. Students who have utilized priority registration should still attend registration sessions with their advising groups on Thursday, and they can use this time as a drop/add period if they have learned any additional information that influences their course decisions.