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Northwestern Digital Access Guidelines

Northwestern has established the following guidelines with respect to existing Northwestern websites, website development and purchases.

Responding to Digital Accessibility Issues

Recognizing the ongoing evolution of current web content and technologies, the designated webmaster for a particular site, upon being made aware of an accessibility issue by someone accessing that site (i.e., "user"), will acknowledge receipt of the issue in writing (via email) to the user raising the issue, with a copy to the Office of Equity. The Office of Equity will take the following actions:

  1. Work with appropriate campus partners to verify the nature of the issue.
  2. If the web accessibility issue is reported directly to the Office of Equity, the Office of Equity will notify the site's webmaster.
  3. Open an accessibility case for recording the issue and resulting action taken.
  4. Respond to the issue in a prompt and effective manner.

If it is determined that the information or service provided on the website cannot be made accessible, or that doing so would constitute an undue burden or fundamental alteration, the appropriately designated office (AccessibleNU for students; Office of Equity for faculty and staff) will engage in an interactive process with the user about alternative methods for providing the information or service and will provide an equally effective alternative format or service. In the event that an alternative format or service cannot be provided or the user is not satisfied with the results, he or she may contact the Section 504 Compliance Officer at for assistance in resolving the issue.