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Training for Peer Leaders: SESP 291

All of our new Study Group facilitators are required to take part in the course, which offers .5 credit and is taken over two consecutive quarters. SESP 291 is designed to provide peer mentors an opportunity to develop as leaders in an academic environment and as learning facilitators.

In particular, the course aims to enhance facilitators' knowledge, understanding, and practical skills in facilitating groups, coaching peers, and promoting meaningful learning. The course integrates three essential components of learning — academic knowledge, “on-the-job” training, and engagement with a learning community — to create a unique learning experience at Northwestern.

Our goal is to help peer mentors:

  • gain practical facilitation skills;
  • become familiar with, and critically engage with, learning theory and research, and bring this knowledge into their mentoring;
  • gain knowledge of the dynamics of small groups, and bring this knowledge into their mentoring; and
  • reflect on facilitation practice and develop self-evaluation skills.

Students who exceed 5.5 credits because of enrollment in SESP 291 do not incur an additional tuition charge.

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Questions about SESP 291?

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