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Northwestern Programs

Northwestern programs are administered by the Office of Undergraduate Learning Abroad (ULA) and reflect a commitment to academic excellence by taking advantage of global scholar and practitioner networks. ULA partners with faculty and staff across Northwestern’s campus and at partner universities abroad to administer three main types of programs:

Northwestern Study Abroad Programs

These programs offer a set curriculum based on a specific program theme, which is developed jointly between Northwestern and the partner university. Coursework takes advantage of the location, sometimes involves Northwestern faculty, and typically includes field trips, excursions, and other experience-based activities.

Some programs:

All programs:

Why choose a Northwestern study abroad program?

Northwestern study abroad programs would be a good fit for you if you wish to study abroad as part of a Northwestern cohort, are seeking to take Northwestern courses, want extra support, and/or do not have sufficient language background to enroll directly at a local university.

Exchange Programs

These programs allow you to enroll directly at a Northwestern partner university, which are among some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. You have the flexibility to choose courses from the course catalog at your host university, although some exchanges are restricted to certain departments or disciplines.

For most exchanges:

Why choose an exchange program?

Exchange programs would be a good fit for you if you wish to take classes with local students; have access to a variety of courses; and exhibit a high level of independence, tolerance for ambiguity, and self-direction. Many exchanges also require an advanced level of foreign language proficiency, depending on location.

Journalism Residency Programs Abroad

Open to Medill students only, the Journalism Residency (JR) program is a quarter-long academic experience within a media workplace, which is a component of the BSJ degree. Medill and ULA partner to offer JR experiences in Argentina, Qatar, and South Africa in partnership with a wide variety of newspapers, magazines, media companies, and/or public relations firms.

Why choose a Journalism Residency program?

These experiences require a great degree of maturity, independence, and journalism experience. Students must adapt to the demands of their workplace and navigate a different language, culture, and media landscape, while learning about current issues and topics in their host country. Consult with your advisers in Medill to determine whether a Journalism Residency program abroad would be a good fit for you.