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Prague Film School

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Program sponsor: Prague Film School

Prague Old Town Bridge Tower (right) St. Francis Of Assissi Church
Prague Old Town Bridge Tower (right) St. Francis Of Assissi Church

Prague Film School is one of Europe’s leading film schools offering courses in filmmaking, documentary, and acting for film. Students come from all over the world to study with top international faculty, and to gain film production or acting experience in one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals.

In the Filmmaking program, students take courses in screenwriting, editing, cinematography, and directing, as well as electives and mandatory workshops in film studies, lighting, and sound. Over the course of the semester, students will lead or participate in as many as 15 productions per semester. In the Acting for Film Program, students rigorously train in on-camera acting, voice, Meisner, movement, film production, and acting theory. Coursework emphasizes training for the naturalistic portrayal of character, the most frequent style used in film, and makes use of a variety of techniques exercises designed to calibrate performance for camera.

Prague Film School is well-stocked with the latest cutting-edge equipment used in professional film productions throughout the world. Students have immediate access to the school's fleet of cameras, including RED, Arri, Blackmagic, Canon and Sony high definition cameras, in addition to high-end lighting, sound, and grip.

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Program Requirements


Students must take a Czech language course on the program in order to fulfill Northwestern's study abroad language requirement.


  1. Apply for permission to study abroad
    All students are required to apply for permission to study abroad. Learn more about the process, deadlines, and access the application on the apply to study abroad page.
  2. Apply for your study abroad program
    All affiliated programs and all Northwestern exchange programs require an additional external program application. Please check the program’s website for more details and deadlines. Fall and Full Year students must submit their applications by March 9 at the absolute latest to ensure visas will be issued on time. You are strongly encouraged to submit your PFS application well in advance of this deadline.


Open to students from all majors with a minimum 2.5 GPA. Prague Film School evaluates applicants on the basis of merit and creative potential.

Program Contacts

Estimated Credit

4 to 6 Northwestern units per semester. Visit Registration & Credit to learn more about credit types and requirements, registration, and other considerations.


Self-catered apartments.

Program Cost

Study abroad program costs vary widely and may be more or less expensive than studying at Northwestern. Review the comparison.

Fall 2019: approx. $23,730

Estimated Additional Costs
  • Housing: $3,500
  • Meals: $1,850
  • Airfare: $1,200
  • Local transportation: $50
  • Books & supplies: $100
  • Personal expenses: $2,200
  • Czech visa & insurance: $270
  • GeoBlue: $192

Total: $9,362

*Note: Northwestern will send the payment for your tuition and equipment fee to PFS via wire transfer. The exact dollar-amount you are charged by NU will depend on the exchange rate when the wire transfer is processed. All other estimates above are in U.S. Dollars.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

  • Financial aid is based on the total cost of the program, including all expenses outlined above.
  • Students are also encouraged to apply for other study abroad scholarships.

Program Financial Details

This section outlines some of the billing and financial arrangements for the Prague Film School (PFS), and is intended as a guide to help you navigate the financial aspects of your study abroad process. You should always refer to your program materials for the most current information and instructions.


After you are accepted to the Prague Film School, you may be instructed to pay a 20% deposit to confirm your place in the program. Northwestern students are not required to pay this deposit. If your acceptance packet includes an invoice or instructions for deposit, please forward that information to your study abroad adviser for clarification or further instructions.

Student Visa Financial Certification

In order to obtain your student visa, you may need to provide documentation that you will be supported financially for the duration of your time abroad. This may require bank statements from your parents and/or a financial aid award letter; review your visa application instructions carefully to be sure you are providing the appropriate documentation.

If you primarily fund your education through financial aid and/or loans, you may contact Krista Bethel in the financial aid office to request a letter certifying financial support.

Northwestern Invoice

Your Northwestern invoice will be issued through CAESAR on the regular quarterly schedule, and will include your PFS tuition and required equipment fee, as well as the NU study abroad administrative fee. Estimates are outlined above; refer to your program's materials for the most current cost information.

Please also note that Northwestern will send your tuition payment to PFS via wire transfer. The exact U.S. Dollar amount you are charged through CAESAR will depend on the exchange rate when the wire transfer is processed.

If you receive financial aid and/or loans, these funds will continue to apply directly to your NU account.

If you use the Northwestern 9PAY plan, you may continue to use 9PAY for your NU-billed study abroad expenses, but you should request a study abroad 9PAY estimate to have your plan set up appropriately.

Housing & Other Program Charges

It is your responsibility to pay directly for all other charges abroad, including your housing. Contact PFS directly if you have any questions.

Additional fees may apply for certain courses, housing add-ons, field trips or other optional items related to your program. If applicable, you are responsible for paying any supplemental fees directly.

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