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Oxford University Visiting Student Program

Oxford, England

Oxford, England

Program sponsor: The College of Global Studies, Arcadia University

Students can enroll directly at Oxford University and study in the sciences, social sciences or arts at one of six colleges, each with its own unique character that has been shaped by centuries of history and tradition. Students take part in the tutorial system and focus on one particular subject, for studies that are driven by their intellectual interests, self-motivation, and curiosity.

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While Oxford offers lectures, the hallmark of the university's academic format is the tutorial system. Tutorials are small working groups of 1-3 students under the guidance of a tutor. Prospective students are strongly encouraged to watch a video from Oxford University to learn more and understand expectations.


Program Requirements


Minimum 3.7 GPA; students should have a solid background in subjects they plan to take.


  1. Apply for permission to study abroad
    All students are required to apply for permission to study abroad. Learn more about the process, deadlines, and access the application on the apply to study abroad page.
  2. Apply for your study abroad program
    All affiliated programs and all Northwestern exchange programs require an additional external program application. Complete an Arcadia application by the January 21, 2019 deadline for all terms.

This affiliated program has a maximum enrollment capacity. If there are more applicants than spaces available, then admission to this program will be competitive. It is highly recommended that you include a second choice program in your Northwestern Study Abroad Application, in case you are not offered admission to this program. Listing a second choice program in your Northwestern Study Abroad Application does not affect your chances of getting admitted to this program. Review information about the admissions criteria and selection process for affiliated programs here.

Term notes

Students are strongly urged to consider full year study at Oxford due to the tutorial system as well as limited semester placements and tutorial topics.

Program Contacts

Estimated Credit

4 to 6 Northwestern units. Visit Registration & Credit to learn more about credit types and requirements, registration, and other considerations.


Self-catered integrated university housing. Northwestern students are required to live in University campus housing if it is available.

Program Cost

Study abroad program costs vary widely and may be more or less expensive than studying at Northwestern. Review the comparison.

Billed by Northwestern

Your Northwestern invoice will include only your program's tuition and the NU study abroad fee. Tuition varies by college.

Fall 2019
  • Hertford: $20,120
  • Lady Margaret: $24,140
  • Mansfield: N/A
  • St. Anne's: $18,830
  • St. Catherine's: $20,450
  • St. Edmund Hall: $19,200

Study Abroad Fee: $2,800

Full Year 2019-2020
  • Hertford: $41,570
  • Lady Margaret: $42,300
  • Mansfield: $43,840
  • St. Anne's: $44,770
  • St. Catherine's: $48,040
  • St. Edmund Hall: $45,370

Study Abroad Fee: $4,500

Estimated Additional Costs

Estimated housing costs and living expenses vary by college.

Fall 2019
  • Housing: $2,000-$3,290
  • Meals: $920-$1,390
  • Airfare: $800-$850
  • Local transportation: $340-$480
  • Books & supplies: $260
  • Personal expenses: $920-$1,290
  • Visa: N/A

Review Arcadia's fall 2019 estimates.

Full Year 2019-2020
  • Housing: $5,700-$8,710
  • Meals: $3,510-$3,760
  • Airfare: $850
  • Local transportation: $1,300
  • Books & supplies: $530
  • Personal expenses: $3,510
  • Visa: $1,220

Review Arcadia's full year 2019-2020 estimates.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

  • Financial aid is based on the total cost of the program, including all expenses outlined above.
  • Visit the Arcadia website for information about their available scholarships.
  •  Students are also encouraged to apply for other study abroad scholarships.

Program Financial Details

This section outlines some of the billing and financial arrangements for affiliated Arcadia programs, and is intended as a guide to help you navigate the financial aspects of your study abroad process. You should always refer to your program materials for the most current information and instructions.


After you are accepted to an Arcadia program, you will be required to pay a deposit directly to Arcadia to confirm your participation on the program. It is your responsibility to pay the deposit; Northwestern cannot pay or waive deposits for affiliated programs.

Northwestern Invoice

Your Northwestern invoice will be issued through CAESAR on the regular quarterly schedule, and will include only your Arcadia tuition and the NU study abroad fee. Refer to your program materials for the most current cost information.

If you receive financial aid and/or loans, these funds will continue to apply directly to your CAESAR account.

If you use the Northwestern 9PAY plan, you may continue to use 9PAY for your NU-billed study abroad expenses, but you should request a study abroad 9PAY estimate to have your plan set up appropriately.

Arcadia Housing Invoice

You will receive a separate invoice from Arcadia for your housing abroad. It is your responsibility to pay Arcadia directly by their deadline; you can view and pay your Arcadia invoice through the Arcadia Passport.

You should not pay your host institution abroad directly for your housing under any circumstances. Always refer to your Arcadia materials for all information about your housing placement and payments, and contact your Arcadia program manager directly if you have any questions.

  • Arcadia Deposit: If you paid a confirmation deposit to Arcadia, it will be credited to your Arcadia housing invoice.
  • Arcadia Scholarships: If you were awarded an Arcadia scholarship, it will appear on your Arcadia invoice, not on your Northwestern account.
  • Financial Aid Arrangements: If you plan to use your NU financial aid refund to pay your Arcadia invoice, complete the Arcadia Financial Aid Deferment form and send it to Krista Bethel.

Additional fees may apply for certain courses, meal plans, housing add-ons, or other optional items related to your program. In particular, when you register for your courses abroad, carefully review the information provided by Arcadia regarding additional course fees for certain departments. If applicable, you are responsible for paying any supplemental fees directly to Arcadia.

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