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Greg Jue

I like all the intellectual and cultural event opportunities on campus. Where else can you attend a talk by writer Michelle Alexander (The New Jim Crow) or Vicente Fox, former President of Mexico, after work?”

Greg Jue

Business Administrator for Mathematics Department, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences

Greg JueGreg Jue still remembers learning the ropes of financial administration about a decade ago. New to his role as a  program assistant in the Asian American Studies department, he relied on a a colleague to guide him through his first expense report. “I literally sat for hours at her desk as she coached me through the finer parts of processing financials,” he recalls. “Since then, I've found many other mentors and collaborators.”

Most recently as a business administrator for the department of Math, Jue sees his work as a way of enabling faculty to focus on their academic goals. “The less they have to worry about administrative details, the better they can worry about teaching and their research.”

Jue also contributes to Weinberg College as an initiator and organizer of the Science Salon & Humanities Hour, a series of faculty lectures for College staff. “Our first speaker was Rick Silverman who talked about ingenuity and serendipity in his team’s research leading to the discovery of Lyrica,” says Jue. Along with a committee of other staff volunteers, Jue organizes several of these lunchtime talks each year, with topics representing the wide range of Weinberg College disciplines, from “Why Do We Sleep” to “Popular Culture and Protest in the Middle East.” The series is just part of the intellectual environment that Jue considers a benefit of working for Northwestern. “I really enjoy being a part of this institution surrounded by the activity of people creating new things culturally and scientifically.”

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