Nicky Nicholson-Klingerman

picture of nicky nicholson-klingermanI am a senior in Medill and as much as I’ve loved Northwestern, I am ready to graduate but not quite ready for the real world.  While at Northwestern, I was a photographer and writer for the Daily Northwestern as well as a writer, photographer and photo editor for NuAsian Magazine.  I was a leader in House on the Rock(Intervarsity Christian Fellowship), a Bible study for black students on campus.  I take pride in my heritage – I am multiracial black, white and Cherokee – and I’m a writer and photographer.

'Taking Care of You Is Not Selfish'

I believe that two years ago things got rough. Really rough.

I believe that home stopped being safe.

I believe that my brother’s disorder got worse and worse.

Money got tighter and tighter

Then I got thinner and thinner.

I believe I stopped eating, but I don’t remember.

I believe that the doctor threatened to send me away.

I believe she mentioned an eating disorder.

I believe what happened to DJ affected me worse than I let on.

I believe that people keep saying, “you’ve handled this so well. You’re so strong.”

I believe that things get worse before they get better.

I believe that I’ve changed.

Two years later, I believe that taking care of yourself is not selfish.

I believe that our issues can make us lash out at people we love. Sometimes you can hurt someone without meaning to; but when you do it still counts as hurting someone.

I believe that everyone has a different reality.

I believe that micromanaging your failure doesn’t help.

I believe we are our worst enemies. Loving yourself is sometimes harder than loving others.

I believe I still have bad days.

But now I believe that things can get better.