WildCARD News

WildCARD Photo Option Available in Northwestern Collaboration Services

After taking down the option due to a technical difficulty in May, faculty and staff are once again able to display their WildCARD pictures in Northwestern Collaboration Services. To show or remove a WildCARD picture, just go to the WildCARD Photo Opt-In/Opt-Out form. It takes approximately 30 minutes for changes to appear and users can just go to the same website to turn off the option later.

Only University WildCARD pictures may be shown, and uploading a picture is not available. Users with expiring WildCARDs can request a new picture at no cost or, if the card is not expiring, can request a new picture for $15 at the WildCARD Offices in Evanston or Chicago. Direct any specific questions or support requests to the IT Support Center by emailing consultant@northwestern.edu, calling 847-491-4357 (1-HELP), or submitting an online support request.

Download Your WildCARD Photo

Northwestern faculty, staff, and students have the ability to download their WildCARD photos for personal use or to grant someone else the right to use the image (e.g. to place it on a website, department listing).

To download your photo, visit the WildCARD Photo Download Portal. Note: You will need to log in with your NU NetID and password to access the portal.

New Part-Time/Temporary Employee IDs

The WildCARD Office is now able to issue an NU ID Card for Part-Time/Temporary Employees. This card is for part-time/temporary employees who have been confirmed to obtain such card via authorization from a department or school administrator. For more information, visit the Get a WildCARD page.