Identifying WildCARDs & NU-issued ID Cards

There are multiple versions of WildCARDS and NU-issued ID Cards:

WildCARD for Students, Faculty & Staff:
This card is for students, faculty, and staff including adjunct faculty, adjunct lecturers, trustees, emeritus faculty, retirees, and visiting scholars (paid).

Wildcard for students, faculty and staff 






WildCARD for Spouses/Partners of Faculty & Staff:
This card is for spouses and same-gender domestic partners of faculty and staff. It is indicated by the word "Spouse" on the card.

Wildcard for spouses and partners of faculty and staff


WildCARD for Affiliates:
Note: "Resident" indicates Graduate Medical Education (GME) Residents. This card may also have other titles on it, such as Chaplain, OLLI or Family Institute.

Wildacrd for affiliates


NU ID Card for Part-Time/Temporary Employees:
This card is for part-time/temporary employees who have been confirmed to obtain such card via authorization from a department or school administrator. Part-time/temporary employees with pre-approval will need to present their employee ID number (not their NetID) at the time of issuance.

Part Time Temp ID


NU ID Cards for Contracted Workers:
Blue Contractor ID Cards indicate Facilities Management contractors. Red Cards indicate a temporary Facilities Management worker. Yellow Cards are for workers of other contracted companies on campus as well as post-doc fellows and visiting scholars (unpaid).

Contractor ID CardContractor ID CardContractor ID Card


NU ID Card for Spouses/Partners of Students:
This card is for spouses or same-gender domestic partners of students.

ID card for spouses and partners of graduate students