Identifying WildCARDs & Northwestern-issued ID Cards

There are multiple versions of WildCARDs and Northwestern-issued ID Cards:

WildCARD for Students, Faculty & Staff:
This card is for Northwestern students, faculty, and staff including adjunct faculty, adjunct lecturers, trustees, emeritus faculty, retirees, and visiting scholars (paid).

Wildcard for students, faculty and staff 






WildCARD for Spouses/Partners of Faculty & Staff:
This card is for spouses and same-gender domestic partners of Northwestern faculty and staff. It is indicated by the word "Spouse" on the card.

Wildcard for spouses and partners of faculty and staff


WildCARD for Affiliates:
Note: "Resident" indicates Graduate Medical Education (GME) Residents. This card may also have other titles on it, such as Chaplain, OLLI or Family Institute.

Wildacrd for affiliates


Northwestern ID Card for Part-Time/Temporary Employees:
This card is for part-time/temporary employees who have been confirmed to obtain such card via authorization from a department or school administrator. Part-time/temporary employees with pre-approval will need to present their employee ID number (not their NetID) at the time of issuance.

Part Time Temp ID


Northwestern ID Cards for Contracted Workers:
Blue Contractor ID Cards indicate Facilities Management contractors. Red Cards indicate a temporary Facilities Management worker. Yellow Cards are for workers of other contracted companies on campus as well as post-doc fellows and visiting scholars (unpaid).

Contractor ID CardContractor ID CardContractor ID Card


Northwestern ID Card for Spouses/Partners of Students:
This card is for spouses or same-gender domestic partners of Northwestern students.

ID card for spouses and partners of graduate students