Information for Vendors

Hundreds of businesses participate in the free WildCARD Advantage Program, which provides special discounts and offers for Northwestern-issued ID Card holders.

Benefits of the Advantage program

  • The University's 23,000 students, faculty, staff, spouses/partners, and contracted workers are given increased exposure to your business.
  • Your discount will be listed for free on the WildCARD website, which will include a link to your website.
  • Complimentary window sticker to publicize your participation in the program.

Requirements for Advantage Vendors

Please note: Any new applicants must have a physical location near Northwestern's Evanston or Chicago campus. We are not currently accepting online businesses unless they have a store in close proximity to either the Evanston or Chicago campus (including the Medill Chicago Newsroom facility at the Clark Adams Building.)

  • Your discount must be specified in the listing.
  • Your staff must be notified of the discount.
  • View the Northwestern-issued ID Card of any Northwestern student, faculty, staff, spouse/partner, or contracted worker using the discount.
  • Keep your listing current. Inform University Services of any changes to your listing. Vendors will be contacted periodically to update their listing.

How to join: Fill out the Vendor Application Form and join today.

Identifying an Northwestern-issued ID Card

There are multiple versions of Northwestern-issed ID Cards, which you may see when students, faculty, staff, spouses/partners, part-time/temporary employees, or contracted workers use your discount. View images of the different types of cards.


  • We reserve the right to deny applications.
  • The WildCARD Advantage Program is for the personal use of Northwestern faculty, staff, students, spouses/partners, part-time/temporary employees, and contracted workers with a valid Northwestern-issued ID Card. The University is not responsible for transactions resulting from the use of its website and does not promote or endorse any specific business listed.
  • Vendors provide all of the information for their individual listings and are responsible for informing University Services of any listing changes.