Jet's Pizza

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Since opening their first pizzeria, Jet's has been selling pizza, subs, and salads that have been pleasing the palates of people everywhere. But the single menu item that Jet's Pizza has become famous for, above anything else, is their signature deep-dish square pizza. It is this style of pizza, and the way it is exclusively prepared, that differentiates Jet's Pizza from any other pizzeria on the planet. Jet's Pizza only uses the highest quality ingredients; they have built their business, their reputation, and their taste on keeping it that way.

4112 Dempster St.
Skokie, IL 60076

Phone: 224-534-7151

Web Site:

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10% off carry-out

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Students/Residents: Yes
Student Spouse/Partners: Yes
Faculty/Staff (includes Spouse/Partners): Yes
Contractors & Part-Time/Temp Employees: Yes