Campus Loop Shuttle

The Campus Loop Shuttle connects the northern and southern ends of campus to downtown Evanston.


The Campus Loop Shuttle operates daily from 9:00 pm–3:19 am during daylight saving time and from 6:00 pm–3:19 am during standard time, which begins 11/2/2014 and ends 3/8/2015. Due to Driver Break, the shuttle does not operate between 8:00-8:30 pm.

Stop Approximate time past each hour
Library/Norris :00 :30
Fisk Hall :01 :31
Weber Arch :04 :34
Jacobs Center :05 :35
Tech Institute :06 :36
Patten Gym :07 :37
Henry Crown Sports Pavilion :09 :39
Sheridan/Lincoln :11 :41
Sheridan/Noyes :12 :42
Sheridan/Foster :14 :44
Chicago/Sheridan :15 :45
Chicago/Grove :17 :47
Orrington/Clark :19 :49
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Dates of Operation

This shuttle runs during the academic year:

  • 2014: Sept. 15–Nov. 25; Nov. 30–Dec. 12
  • 2015: Jan. 3–Mar. 20; Mar. 29–June 12

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Valid WildCARD or ID Required

This shuttle is a free service for NU Students, Faculty, and Staff with presentation of a valid WildCARD. Garrett-Evangelical ID cards and NU ID cards for Contractors, Student Spouse/Partners, and Temp/Part-Time Employees are also accepted.

Additional Information

  • All schedules times are approximate. Timetables and other information on this page are subject to change. University Services makes every effort to post an accurate schedule; however, travel times may change as a result of summer festivities and traffic conditions including road construction and inclement weather. Please allow for extra travel time during these instances.
  • For service updates, call 847-467-5284. The recorded message will be updated if a shuttle is operating more than 10 minutes off schedule.
  • For Lost and Found and after-hours dispatch, call 708-474-7474.
  • All other shuttle questions, contact University Services at 312-503-8129 or

Campus Loop

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  • Operates in the evening and early morning hours
  • Operates during the academic year
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