Driver Do's and Don'ts


  • Wear your seat belt while the vehicle is in operation. The mandatory seat belt law in the State of Illinois requires the driver and passengers to wear their seat belts.


  • Smoke in the vehicle. The University maintains a no smoking policy in all University vehicles. Drivers and departments in violation of the no smoking policy will be assessed cleaning charges.

  • Modify any auxiliary equipment. Vehicle renters may not add any auxiliary equipment to, or remove any supplied equipment from, the Motor Pool vehicles without prior written consent. Examples of prohibited equipment include roof racks and any type of towing equipment. Approved vehicle additions remain the responsibility of the installing departments.

  • Affix any stickers or logos to the vehicles. The Motor Pool supervisor must give written consent to affix any stickers or logos that are not supplied by the Motor Pool.

  • Remove any seats. Vehicle renters may not remove seats under any circumstances.

  • Exceed the operating time limits or distance radius (students only). Student drivers are restricted to an operating radius of 150 miles during the week. On the weekends, the operating radius is extended to 300 miles with an overnight stay. Student drivers must not drive more than four hours in a day and no more than two consecutive hours. All trips over two hours require at least two approved drivers.

  • Carry bicycles in passenger vehicles. Bicycles may only be carried in cargo vans; they cannot be carried in sedans or minivans. Any passenger vehicle that was used to carry bicycles will be subject to a $40 minimum clean-up fee.