Make a Reservation

Reservations will only be accepted for travel in the continental United States and Canada. Supplied vehicles may only be driven on paved primary and secondary roadways. The Motor Pool does not supply vehicles for off-road use.

To make a reservation, use one of the following three methods:

  • Complete the online reservation form. If you do not receive a confirmation within one business day of submission, call the Motor Pool.
  • If you are a student, please review the Department Authorization Letter information below before proceeding with an online reservation.
  • Evanston campus: (847) 491-5075
  • Chicago campus: (312) 503-8129
  • Complete the downloadable Reservation Form pdf icon (pdf) and fax it to: (847) 467-2188.

Before Making Reservations

Have the following information ready:

  • Pick up date and time
  • Return date
  • Destination
  • Distance from campus
  • Driver type: faculty, staff or student The Office of Risk Management must approve all student drivers. See all approved student drivers.
  • NU Financials number (Non-student organizations only)
    Account number 75630 must be open for rental.
  • SOFO number (Student organizations only)
    Additionally, the Driver Authorization and Payment Approval form must be faxed or emailed to Motor Pool at 847-467-2188 or, 24 hours in advance of the reservation start date.
  • Department Authorization Letter (students only)
    In order to drive a Motor Pool vehicle, all student drivers must have written permission from the department for which they are doing the driving. This authorization must be on department letterhead and state that the student(s) have permission to operate a University-supplied vehicle as approved representatives of the department. This authorization must be supplied to the Motor Pool office at least 24 hours prior to the requested vehicle pick-up time.
  • Vehicle type: sedan, minivan, cargo van, other.
  • Written request (for weekly, monthly or annual rentals only)
    Please submit a written request to the Motor Pool, accompanied by an NU Financials account number. Changes in NU Financials numbers for annual billing should be submitted to the Motor Pool before the start of the new fiscal year.
  • Departments seeking to secure a vehicle for visiting faculty or staff should call Motor Pool at 1-3560 for additional information before making a reservation request.

Note: Schools or departments wishing to authorize specific students or employees to make Motor Pool reservations should submit a letter written on department letterhead including:

  • The names of the students or employees
  • The beginning and end dates of the authorization
  • The signature of the department chairperson

Please send this letter to:
Motor Pool
2020 Ridge Avenue, Dock 9
Evanston, IL 60208-4325

Note: Weekend reservations
Vehicles picked between 4:00 pm and the close of business 5:00 pm on Friday:

  • will not be charged for Friday
  • will carry a two-day weekend rental charge
  • vehicles returned after the close of business on Friday (after 5:00 pm) will incur the additional two-day weekend rental charge

After Making Reservations


You will receive a confirmation for online and faxed reservations within one business day. If you do not receive a confirmation, call the Motor Pool at (847) 491- 5075 (Evanston) or (312) 503-8129 (Chicago). Do not resend the reservation.

Upon receipt of confirmation, verify the rental information. If changes are needed, please contact the Motor Pool.

You may be asked to complete and submit a Driver's License Verification Formpdf icon (pdf).


Vehicle reservations must be canceled at least one business day prior to vehicle pick up.

  • If the reservation is not canceled within at least one business day, a one-day rental charge will be assessed.
  • For cancellation of long-term rentals, please send a written notice of cancellation with the termination date to the Motor Pool.

Make sure you receive a cancellation number as confirmation.