Motor Pool ensures that all motor pool vehicles are provided full mechanical maintenance.

Departmental Responsibilities

Departments with permanently assigned or long-term rental vehicles are responsible for cooperating with these efforts:

  • Departments with long-term vehicle rental(s) must present their vehicle(s) for maintenance service every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. Contact the Motor Pool office at (847) 491-3560 to schedule an appointment. Loaner vehicles can be provided for scheduled maintenance. Please note that the loaner vehicle provided during major service or repair may not be an exact replacement for your current vehicle.
  • Departments with permanently assigned vehicles are responsible for cooperating with the Motor Pool to keep Safety Lane and Emission stickers up to date and their vehicles clean and in good running condition.

Mechanical Problems

If mechanical problems occur, immediately contact the Motor Pool office at (847) 491-3560. Mechanical failures caused by negligence (i.e. failure to maintain regularly scheduled maintenance) are fully chargeable to the renting department.

See the Accidents and Breakdowns page for more information.