iBuyNU Marketplace

The iBuyNU marketplace is a web-based ordering tool that provides departments and schools with the most streamlined, cost effective way to order from Preferred Vendors.

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Benefits of using iBuyNU:

  • Provides departments and schools with the most streamlined, cost effective way to order from vendors
  • iBuyNU is an integrated part of new NUFinancials system
  • Web-based ordering experience for end users
  • Orders are dispatched electronically
  • Accounts Payable can receive invoices electronically
  • Vendors can be paid electronically
  • Improved and consistent pricing for all departments and schools
  • Strategically managed by PRS
  • Will continue to evolve as more agreements are established by PRS

How are iBuyNU vendors chosen?

iBuyNU is strategically managed by PRS. Only Preferred Vendors will be considered for enablement in iBuyNU. There are many factors that determine whether a particular vendors is enabled in iBuyNU:

  • If there are products needed that are not proprietary in nature (i.e., office supplies, furniture, computers, etc.), a bid will be conducted by PRS to select the Preferred Vendors.
  • If there is a particular proprietary-type vendor (i.e., research supplies) that departments/schools must purchase speciality products from, a formal pricing agreement will be negotiated with the vendor by PRS.
  • Other things that will be considered are the number of transactions per year, total spent per year, number of departments/schools that need to use a particular vendor, etc.

The iBuyNU marketplace will continue to evolve as more contracts and agreements are established. It is the goal of PRS to eventually have catalogs in iBuyNU that meet most of the day-to-day needs of departments/schools. For most products, such as general office supplies, there is no plan to enable more than one vendor. There will be some natural overlap (for example, toner cartridges may be available on contracts for office supplies and computer peripherals). There will also be some overlap when more than one contract is awarded for certain products as a result of a formal bid managed by PRS (such as computers and office furniture).