Registration Process

Northwestern University does not have a formal vendor registration process and does not have a central repository of vendor information for use by all departments and schools.

  • Purchasing Resource Services (PRS) maintains an internal database of these vendors.  PRS accesses this list and attempts to include most of these vendors when conducting an Invitation to Bid for a particular products or service on behalf of the University or an individual department of school.
  • PRS also provides vendor information from the internal database to other departments and schools upon request.
  • For products and services for which PRS does not intend to establish a Preferred Vendor contract and does not anticipate conducting a bid on behalf of any department or school, vendors can be considered for inclusion in Northwestern’s WildCARD Advantage Program. This program is designed for primarily local businesses to offer discounts to faculty, staff and students for personal purchases.  However, departments and schools are also encouraged to consider utilizing these vendors when appropriate.