Receiving an order

After receiving a product or service, a department or school may or may not be required to enter a receipt based off the scenarios below:

  • Receipts for non-catalog orders require a three-way match (Purchase Order, invoice, receipt)
    Please enter receipts as soon as possible after receiving the product or service. If a receipt will not be entered in a timely manner (due to a dispute with a vendor, etc.) please notify Accounts Payable. If a particular individual is not entering their receipts in a timely manner, the issue may be escalated within his or her department or school.
  • Receipts for iBuyNU (catalog) orders require a two-way match (Purchase Order, invoice)
    A receipt is not required for payment for orders placed through iBuyNU. PRS has a formal relationship with these Preferred Vendors, and there is a contract that covers how orders will be handled. Preferred Vendors in iBuyNU are required to invoice only upon delivery of product. Because of the formal relationship (and contract) between PRS and these vendors.
    If you believe that payment has been sent for an item or service you did not receive, contact PRS for assistance.

Finance Facilities and Research Administration Training

Need more information about receiving an order? Finance Facilities and Research Administration has helpful information and "Job Aids" to walk you through purchasing procedures. Visit the Finance Facilities and Research Administration Training webpage.