Blanket Order

Blanket orders are to be used primarily to make payments for services that are provided on a regular and consistent basis, and in some cases for the regular delivery of a consistent quantity of product. Specific examples include:

  • Equipment preventative maintenance (monthly payments)
  • Garbage pick-up (department/school specific contract)
  • Bottled water service (same quantity each month)
  • Facilities construction projects
  • Rent, utilities

Most blanket orders are used to order and pay for ongoing services or delivery of product when no individual ordering takes place. A contract/agreement should be in place that has been reviewed and approved by PRS and/or OGC (or a template created by PRS and OGC was used).

Blanket orders are not to be used as an open line of credit or to facilitate informal or phone orders (open account with no detail regarding each individual transaction).

Blanket orders should be sent to the vendor so they know the PO number to include on all invoices.

Approval of Blanket Orders

ALL blanket Purchase Order requests will be reviewed and must be approved by PRS, regardless of value.

The Bid Documentation Form (BD-1) word icon (doc) or Sole Source Justification Form (SSJ-1) word icon (doc) is required for blanket orders of $25,000 or more and those expected to reach $25,000 or more during the fiscal year, unless a Preferred Vendor is used.