Changes to Requisitions and Purchase Orders

Changes to Requisitions

Departments/schools can make their own changes to Requisitions after submitting them for approval, as long as the Requisition has not been sourced into a Purchase Order and sent to the vendor. If some approvals have already occurred on the Requisition, workflow will start over.

Changes to Purchase Orders

Changes that need to be made to Purchase Orders that have already been sourced and sent to the vendor can only be made by PRS. Departments/schools need to request PO changes using the Change Order Portal Form available on the NUPortal, which will route to PRS for processing.

Purchase Orders that do not exactly match the invoice but are within tolerance will automatically close during normal batch processing. Therefore, a change order is NOT necessary.

Finance Facilities and Research Administration Training

Need more information about changes to requisitions and purchase orders? Finance Facilities and Research Administration has helpful information and "Job Aids" to walk you through purchasing procedures. Visit the Finance Facilities and Research Administration Training webpage.