Requisitions (REQ) are budget-checked and require approval in NUFinancials prior to being sourced into a Purchase Order (PUR) and sent to the vendor. Below are some of the approvals that may be required, depending on the type of purchase:

Purchases Less Than $25,000:

Departments and schools have the authority to make purchases less than $25,000 without the approval of PRS.

  • Departments/schools are expected to follow policy and are strongly encouraged to utilize Preferred Vendors whenever possible.
  • It is recommended that departments/schools make decisions based on a competitive bid process for all purchases of $5,000 or more, unless a Preferred Vendor is utilized.
  • Departments/schools may implement up to three internal approvals in NUFinancials as follows:
    • Level 1 – 0 to $1,499
    • Level 2 – $1,500 to $4,999
    • Level 3 – $5,000 or more

ALL Requisitions for blanket purchase orders will require the approval of PRS, regardless of dollar value.

Purchases of $25,000 or More:

  • Requisitions of $25,000 or more will require the approval of PRS.  
  • Either the Bid Documentation Form (BD-1) or Sole Source Justification Form (SSJ-1) must be electronically attached to the Requisition.  
  • If the selected vendor’s quote references terms and conditions, the quote and terms should also be electronically attached to the Requisition.  
  • PRS reserves the right to request and review documentation related to the purchase, solicit additional bids, or conduct additional negotiations.  

Requisitions to order products from Preferred Vendors through iBuyNU will NOT require PRS approval. Requisitions of $25,000 or more to order products or services from Preferred Vendors that are not in iBuyNU will require PRS approval; however, it is expected that these approvals will occur very quickly since all pricing and terms and conditions have already been established by PRS. 

Purchases Requiring PRS Approval

Purchases requiring the approval of PRS are handled as follows:
  • Blankets valued at between $0 and $100,000 are reviewed by one of the Procurement Analysts
  • ALL one-line vouchers of $25,000 or more and all Requisitions (non-catalog and blanket) of $100,000 more are reviewed by the Director of Purchasing, Jim Konrad.

PRS will not approve Requisitions that do not comply with Purchasing Policy. Detailed information will be communicated to the department/school when a Requisition is not approved.

Additional Special Approvals:

Restricted Commodities

The purchase of certain commodities may require special steps and/or an additional electronic approval from the Office of Research Safety before it can be sourced into an official Purchase Order. When initiating the Requisition, the appropriate Account Code must be used so all appropriate approvals can be obtained. This applies to the following:

  • Radioactive Materials

The Office of Research Safety will also monitor purchases of Respirators and Select Agents (Toxins) in a post-audit fashion. Departments/schools must select the correct 'ship to' code when ordering the above commodities:

  • RSA745CH for the Chicago campus
  • RSA2145TE for the Evanston campus

Purchases Using Grant/Sponsored Project Funds

The purchase of products and services of $2,500 or more using grant funds also require the approval of Accounting Services for Research and Sponsored Projects (ASRSP). When initiating the Requisition, the appropriate Account Code must be used so all appropriate approvals can be obtained.