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Beware of Toner Pirates

Several departments have recently been contacted by “toner pirates”. Toner pirates are companies that will call departments and give the impression that they represent the company from which you leased or purchased your printer or copier. Sometimes they will be promoting a special deal on toner. Another tactic is to appear as if they are confirming an order that has already been placed. If you order or confirm an order from them, you will receive the toner, but you will also get an invoice that most likely reflects much higher pricing than you expected. Below are a few things to remember about toner purchases at Northwestern:

  • If you have a copier from one of our Preferred Vendors in the Copier Management Program (Ricoh, Regal Business Machines, or Gordon Flesch), your toner is included in your monthly cost so there will never be a need for you to order toner and pay extra for it.
  • You should never receive a call from these companies or from the manufacturers they represent (Ricoh, Konica, Canon,
    and Kyocera) asking if you need toner.
  • You should never pay for toner for your copier from these Preferred Vendors, normal delivery is included (you will only be charged for delivery if you specifically request next-day delivery).
  • Toner for desktop printers can be ordered in iBuyNU from OfficeMax, our office supplies vendor, and from CDW-G, our computer supplies vendor. You will need to pay for this toner, but you initiate the order. The vendor should never contact you.

If you receive a call from a person that would like to ship you toner, just say no – more than likely, it’s a scam. For questions, contact Tom Luczkowiak at 1-8411.