Commercial Tenant eCycling

If you are a commercial tenant of a university-owned building, you can recycle broken, old (more than five years old) or outdated (below Pentium PC or Mac Power) computers and other electronic items in the computer-recycling program.

Our recycling program ensures that all hard drive data is destroyed and the equipment is recycled in a way that is compliant with EPA standards.

We will pick up and recycle the equipment at the following rates:
  • Desktop or laptop computers: $10 each
  • Servers: $10 each, $7 for each additional hard drive
  • Monitors: $10 each
  • Printers, scanners and UPS: $5 each
  • Speakers, mice, keyboards, magnetic tape, CDs (without cases): Free

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If your computer is working and less than five years old:

Consider donating your computer to:

Visit the EPA's eCycling website for donation tips and information.