Make a Return

Return Process
Contact the VWR University Team and they will arrange the pickup of returns. VWR will also provide prepaid UPS return labels to expedite the return procedure; these labels can be obtained from the Chicago or Evanston stockroom.

Return Policy
Damaged, duplicated, or incorrectly ordered or shipped products shall be replaced or picked up by VWR at no cost and a credit issued (if applicable) within five working days of notification.

Receiving Credit
Items with a contract price less than $100 will automatically be credited and/or replaced by VWR at no charge. Neither a return nor paperwork is necessary for these items.

If a return is required, have the following information ready:

  • Customer Name and Address
  • PO number
  • NU Financials Chart String number
  • VWR shipping order number
  • Date of invoice
  • Catalog number of returned items
  • VWR return authorization number (RA)
  • Reason for return

Unauthorized for Return
The following products cannot be returned:

  • Products that cannot be resold (including Products with damaged, missing or defaced labeling or packaging)
  • Chemicals, reagents, diagnostics, sterile or any controlled products (unless products do not meet specification)
  • Laboratory apparatus or instruments that have been used or are without the original packaging, labeling and operating manuals.
  • Refrigerated products or other perishables
  • Products purchased on a Special Order Basis
  • Products not purchased from VWR
  • Products with an expired shelf life or an expiration date too short for resale
  • Discontinued products

Returning Hazardous Materials
VWR shall retain title and/or ownership and responsibility for hazardous materials delivered in error. These materials will be retrieved within three working days of notification.

Each return shipment of hazardous materials must be packed and labeled in accordance with DOT regulations applying to transportation of hazardous materials. You may need to include with each return shipment a certification from an authorized representative of the company that the equipment was properly decontaminated in accordance with current regulations and other recommended guidelines. The product should be shipped to the indicated service center and the transportation charges prepaid. To ensure prompt handling, the return authorization number should be placed on the outside of the package.