Place an Order

There are two ways to place an order:

  1. Online Orders
    Go to the NU Portal to access the VWR catalog in iBuyNU.
    For help with online shopping, see Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. Visit the Stockroom
    Purchase items directly from the stockroom. There is a stockroom on both the Evanston and Chicago campuses. Items purchased through the stockroom will be charged directly to your NU Financials Chart String number.

Furniture and Special Orders

For items not available through iBuyNU and special orders, contact Amy VanArsdale or Jeremy Hansen at 312-503-0263 for a quote. Once you receive a quote for the item, create a requisition in NU Financials. VWR will be sent the requisition automatically through NU Financials.

Typically, furniture is quoted and then can be ordered online. Contact your Sales Team at 312-503-0263 for a quote.

Departments can visit the Furniture section of the VWR catalog in iBuyNU to view selections. The furniture department can also be contacted directly at 888-624-2432 (or fax 972-257-3293) with inquiries.