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Effective January 1, 2016, University Services functions will be reassigned to the following four areas:

Auxiliary Services

Reporting to Jake Julia, Associate Vice President/Associate Provost for Academic Initiatives, Office of Change Management

  • Chicago Fitness Program
    General Fitness Program Questions: 847-467-0662
    Jeff Levin, Manager: 847-491-5993
    Salem Marrougi, Administrative Assistant: 847-467-0662
    L.A. Fitness Chicago-Streeterville: 312-467-1111
  • Equipment Maintenance/Calibration Services
    Ellen Barnes, Manager: 847-491-3274
  • Mail Services
    Tom Luczkowiak, Sr. Manager: 847-491-8411
    Chicago Mail Services Supervisor: 312-503-9162
    • 2020 Ridge, Dock 9: 847-491-7227
    • Tech Institute, #B158: 847-491-5424
    • Rebecca Crown Center, #G262: 847-467-2279
    • Morton Building, #B601: 312-503-8131
  • Sodexho Catering Recharge
    Ellen Barnes, Manager: 847-491-3274
  • Travel Services
    Jeff Levin, Manager: 847-491-5993
  • Vending
    Canteen (snacks): 800-676-6652
    Coca-Cola: 844-861-2653
    Ellen Barnes
    , Manager: 847-491-3274
  • WildCARD Operations
    WildCARD Offices:
    Evanston Campus (Norris Underground): 847-467-6843
    Chicago Campus: 312-503-0548
    Art Monge, Manager: 847-467-3135

Facilities Management

Reporting to John D'Angelo, Vice President of Facilities

Procurement and Payment Services in Financial Operations

Reporting to Jim Konrad, Executive Director of Procurement & Payment Services

  • Copier Management Program
    Tom Luczkowiak, Sr. Manager: 847-491-8411
    Preferred Vendors:
    • Gordon Flesch Company
      Leslie McCleary: 800-950-4718
    • Ricoh Business Solutions
      Bill Jepsen: 312-470-3523
    • Regal Business Machines
      Tina Kato: 312-666-4700
  • Marketing and Communications
    Rachel Sova, Interim Manager: 847-467-2491
  • Printing and Duplicating Services
    Tom Luczkowiak, Sr. Manager: 847-491-8411
    Agatha Collins, Asst. Manager: 312-503-8995
    Quartet Digital Printing Locations:
    • 825 Clark St., Evanston: 847-491-3113
    • Searle Building, Room B-407, Chicago: 312-503-8995
  • Shipping and Receiving
    Reggie Lee, Evanston Supervisor: 847-467-7473
    Hank Jones, Chicago Supervisor: 312-503-8500 or 312-503-4099
    Dwight Taylor, McCormick Mailroom Supervisor: 847-491-5424

Safety and Security (Formerly University Police)

Reporting to Bruce Lewis, Associate Vice President for Public Safety and Chief of Police

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WildCARD Offices:
Evanston: 847-467-3135
Chicago: 312-503-0548

Parking (Chicago):

Fitness (Chicago):
Salem Marrougi


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