Prohibition of Weapons and Concealed Carry of Weapons on Campus

Northwestern University is committed to providing a safe and secure learning, working and living environment.  To this end, the University prohibits the possession, use or storage of firearms (regardless of the existence of a valid concealed carry permit); other lethal or non-lethal weapons; fireworks/explosive devices; and other dangerous objects or materials by anyone:  (i) on any property owned, leased or controlled by the University, including but not limited to all buildings, land, parking areas, sidewalks and common areas; (ii) in any vehicle owned, leased or controlled by the University regardless of location; (iii) at any University-sponsored activities or events on- or off-campus; and (iv) employed by the University when conducting University business anywhere.

View the University Policy on Prohibition of Weapons and Concealed Carry of Weapons on Campus.

Prop Weapons
The possession or use, for any reason (including class or student organization productions or projects), of any imitation, prop, or replica weapon on university property is prohibited unless authorized in advance by University Police.

To submit a request for authorization to possess or use prop or replica weapons on university property, go to All requests must be received by University Police no later than 14 days prior to the scheduled activity to receive consideration. For further information, contact Deputy Chief Tommye Sutton at