Behavioral Consultation Team

Northwestern’s Behavioral Consultation Team conducts threat assessments; addresses aberrant, dangerous, or threatening behavior that might impact the safety or well-being of the campus community; and provides guidance and best practices for preventing violence and providing support services. 


The Northwestern University Behavioral Consultation Team (hereinafter NUBCT) supports the comprehensive violence prevention strategies of Northwestern University by:

  • serving as the central point of contact for receiving community concerns regarding persons who may be at risk of harming themselves or others;
  • conducting multi-disciplinary, collaborative, coordinated and objective assessments of faculty, staff and students or other third parties whose behavior may reasonably present a threat to themselves or others in the university community;
  • developing and implementing appropriate interventions and assistance with such individuals;
  • recommending actions to appropriate university officials to resolve potential threats;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of a threat management plan; and
  • collaborating with the Violence Prevention Committee in outreach efforts aimed to provide guidance to faculty, staff and students about how to recognize, address and report threatening behavior.


Northwestern University is committed to the safety and security of its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. To that end, this policy specifically addresses the University's implementation of a threat assessment team dedicated to the prevention, reduction, and management of violence. For additional information including incident reporting contacts, see the Behavioral Consultation Team policy and process document.

Reporting Threats

University faculty, staff and students are strongly encouraged to report violent, potentially violent, and threatening behavior. Contact the Director of Threat Assessment, Michelle Hoy-Watkins, PsyD, at or 847-467-5375, if you would like to make a report. If your concern is regarding a student, please complete the NUhelp Community Concerns Report. You may also contact any member of the NUBCT if you become aware of any concerning behaviors that have a potential for violence. Reporting parties will not be subjected to any acts of retaliation for reporting concerns in good faith. The University will use available resources such as University Police, Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, Human Resources, the Division of Student Affairs/Dean of Students Office, and applicable programs and policies in responding to alleged acts/threats of violence.

NUhelp Community Concerns Report -  “Wildcats Aware: Concerning Behavior Reporting Form”

If there is an emergency, please call 911 or Northwestern University Police at 847-491-3456 (or dial 456 from any campus phone), 847-467-7883 (TDD).