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Staff Directory


For more information on our department structure, view our organizational chart.

Name Position Phone
Bruce Lewis Associate VP Department of Safety & Security/Chief of Police 847-491-4933
Gloria Graham Assistant Vice President and Deputy Chief of Police 847-467-5376
Tommye Sutton Deputy Chief of Police -- Field Services 847-491-4932
Eric Chin Commander of Police Services -- Evanston
Kenneth Jones Commander of Police Services -- Chicago 312-503-0371
Jeff Burklin Director of Security Systems & Technical Services 847-467-3205
Lance Hale Director of Transportation & Parking Services 847-467-5382
Michelle Hoy-Watkins Director of Threat Assessment 847-467-5375
Jill Johnson Director of Planning & Program Initiatives 847-467-3413
Greg Klaiber Director of Emergency Management 847-467-2069
Joe Frascati Emergency Preparedness Manager 847-467-3065

Day shift supervisors

Name Position Phone
Nicholas Parashis Lieutenant 847-491-4926
Haydee Martinez Lieutenant 847-467-3148
Steven Stoeckl Sergeant 312-503-0375
Timothy Reuss Sergeant 847-491-4927
Richard Ryzewski Sergeant 312-503-0375  847-467-5385

Afternoon shift supervisors

Name Position Phone
Mark McConnell Sergeant 847-491-4927 or 312-503-0375
Jude Oraegbu Sergeant 847-491-2073    312-503-0375
Howard Park Sergeant 847-467-5391
Gregory Polnik Sergeant 312-503-0375

Midnight shift supervisors

Name Position Phone
Johnny LeBron Sergeant 847-467-5391
Donald Moore Sergeant 847-503-0375
Robin Thompson Sergeant 847-491-4927
Daniel Young Sergeant 312-503-0375

Criminal investigations & residence hall security

Name Position Phone
Rod Boyd Lieutenant 847-467-0654
Latori Bartelle Detective 847-467-5420
Alfonso Batiz Community Service Officer Supervisor (Chicago campus) 312-503-1228
Thomas Adolphson Community Service Officer Supervisor 847-467-5406
Martin Carlino Community Service Officer Supervisor 847-467-5404
Bobby Benjamin Community Service Officer Supervisor 847-467-5435
Joel Carnet Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Arthur Carter Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Ben Darling Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Phan Davis Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Tim Drabant Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Grant Eric Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Patrick Guider Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Charles Heiser Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Sean Hopson Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Kendall Jones Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Chanelle Lawrence Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Robert Lucke Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Georgi Mandzhukov Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Dennis McAleer Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Brittney Noble Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Luis Perez Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Alla Roytman Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Eric Safian Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Deonna Swain Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Jeff Tomasello Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Gina Turek Community Service Officer 847-467-5435
Edward Woloszyn Community Service Officer 847-467-4015

Police officers

Name Position Phone
Nick Anagnopoulos Police Officer 847-491-3456
Jose Aviles Police Officer 847-491-3456
Truman Barriteau Police Officer 847-491-3456
Jenae' Brown Police Officer 847-491-3456
Chris Carlino Police Officer 847-491-3456
Kirsten Carter Police Officer 847-491-3456
Tricia Garcia Police Officer 847-491-3456
Thomas Healy Police Officer 847-491-3456
Erica Honeywood-Burrell Police Officer 847-491-3456
Lamesia Hope Police Officer 847-491-3456
Lisa Jackson Police Officer 312-503-3456
Angelina Kadzielawa Police Officer 847-491-3456
Sanghoon Lee Police Officer 847-491-3456
Ariella Loew Police Officer 847-491-3456
Victoria Miner Police Officer 847-491-3456
Jude Oraegbu Police Officer 847-491-3456
Howard Park Police Officer 847-491-3456
Jim Richards Police Officer 847-491-3456
Edgar Rodriguez Police Officer 312-503-3456
Chris Sanchez Police Officer 847-491-3456
Monica Sarinana Police Officer 847-491-3456
Laura Shemsiu Police Officer 847-491-3456
Alex Stein Police Officer 847-491-3456
Terrence Stovall Police Officer 312-503-3456
Stewart Sutherland Police Officer 847-491-3456
Robin Thompson Police Officer 847-491-3456
Frank Walsh Police Officer 847-491-3456

Communications officers

Name Position Phone
Spencer Bone Communications Officer 847-491-3456
Andre Coleman Communications Officer 847-491-3456
Travis Crosby Communications Officer 847-491-3456
Kim Fowlkes Communications Officer 847-491-3456
Carl King Communications Officer 847-491-3456
Sarah Page Communications Officer 847-491-3456
Shefali Patel Communications Officer 847-491-3456
Dena Randall Communications Officer 847-491-3456
Kamil Rodriguez Communications Officer 847-401-3456
Tom Sero Communications Officer 847-491-3456

Office staff

Name Position Phone
David Schultz Associate Director of Financial Administration 847-491-3752
Catherine Catellani Executive Assistant 1, University Police Administration 847-491-3256
Ann Motogawa Administrative Assistant 3, University Police Administration 847-467-6495
Linda Stakenas Administrative Assistant 2, University Police Administration 847-467-6947