Accountability & Transparency

The Northwestern University Police Department is taking a proactive role in promoting agency and officer integrity by assessing our police-citizen interactions, identifying valuable officer in-service training opportunities, and encouraging our officers to set personal goals directly related to fair and equitable policing initiatives. All members of the department are also challenged to provide excellent service delivery to our community members. Combined, these actions help propel the department in a direction that allows us to remain transparent. We understand transparency builds trust. Therefore, to promote accountability and transparency we take a multi-faceted approach. The list below includes a variety of processes and procedures in place, but is not all-inclusive:

  • Implementing policies, procedures and strategies, that promote fair and impartial policing.
  • Collecting and analyzing field and traffic stop data and subsequently publishing traffic and field stop data online, quarterly:

2017 first quarter data summary
2016 fourth quarter data summary
2016 third quarter data summary
2016 second quarter data summary
2016 first quarter data summary

  • Promoting clear guidance to our community members on how to make citizen comments, complaints and inquiries.
  • Investing in training opportunities that promote cognizant understanding of implicit bias, fair and impartial policing and crisis intervention when interacting with individuals in a mental health crisis.
  • Police Advisory Board.
  • Annual department and individual goal setting tied directly to community outreach and fair and impartial policing tactics.

These functions enhance our ability to contribute towards the quality of the Northwestern community by fostering an environment in which security is balanced with freedom of movement and individual rights are balanced with community needs. Thus, we work diligently in our efforts to develop and maintain positive community relations and trust with the diverse community we have the pleasure of serving.