PlanIt Purple Past Announcements

April 26, 2010

Version 2.04 of PlanIt Purple focused primarily on user requested features and usability improvements. Additionally, minor bugs were fixed. The delivery date was met on April 26 and all features were deployed to the PlanIt Purple production server.

Improvements impacting all users

  • Implemented major design changes to the way events are displayed, and added larger buttons on the screen.
  • As requested, made the text size larger throughout the application.
  • Replaced the "Create a Calendar" and "Calendar Administration" with one "Add/Manage Events" button to minimize confusion.
  • Added a Student Group Event calendar to provide the students with an aggregated space of specific ASG affiliated events.
  • Added a Student Group Event icon to all approved student group events.
  • Enabled the back button ability and the ability to hard-link to search results.
  • Integrated NU's Google Maps with the event detail screen.
  • Updated the copyright date.
  • Fixed search bug that impacted the main PlanIt Purple search, the administrative search, and the event search in the administrative screens.
  • Added the ability to subscribe to a PlanIt Purple feed via iCal and other calendars that support the iCal format.

Improvements impacting administrative users

  • Added validation to ensure that duplicate custom PlanIt Purple group URLs are not created.
  • Moved from using the term "Calendar" to using the term "Group" for clarity in content entry.
  • Added ability to delete one event from a recurring series.
  • When the end date of recurring events is changed, the changed dates are deleted rather than marked as canceled.
  • Improved the location of the "add to schedule" button on the “add recurring events” screen.
  • Added the ability to pass HTML through the description field, so people will have the ability to add links and other formatting in the description field.
  • HTML is now stripped from any other field except the description field.
  • Grayed out user's own icon when user is in the system administration screen.
  • Fixed a bug preventing XML feed creation in IE.
  • Fixed a feed builder bug that was apparent when a group was deleted from the system.
  • Ensured that the "discard changes" button takes the user to the appropriate screen (previously it would take the user to an 'access denied' screen).
  • Changed the custom URL warning message to ensure the alert was accurate.
  • In the add/edit event screen, changed validation so that price can be entered without a specified audience.
  • Removed the 0 created from blank event descriptions so that blank descriptions are truly blank.
  • Feed event filter was adjusted to work as designed.
  • Added a private token to private group events.
  • Added detailed address information to the XML feed.
  • Code was internally reviewed to streamline processes as much as possible.
  • Ensured the audience and price character limits matched the database limits.
  • Created an XML feed with ASG for use on NU Link.
  • Changed the description verbiage in the feed creation screen to ensure accuracy.
  • Added the ability to log out of the application.
  • Ensured the main phone number is imported in the correct format from LDAP.
  • Ensured contributors cannot delete advanced properties for specific calendars.
  • Added the ability to preview events in the administrative screens.
  • Fixed minor style sheet issues in the single-event confirmation screen, in the web address field for IE, tabs in the administration area on IE8, on the admin screen edit link, in the access denied message in Safari, and to ensure group links look clickable in the feed creation.


The upgrades we've made to PlanIt Purple were a direct result of feedback we received from users like you.  We're committed to continuous improvement of the system -- which means we continue to need your feedback.

Visit the PlanIt Purple home page and give us your feedback. Tell us what you think of what we've done so far, and what features you'd like to see in the future!


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