Office of Undergraduate Admission

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Financial Aid

Overview of financial aid options available to undergraduates stresses accessibility of aid and real-life examples. Profiles of students put human faces on an often bewildering process, and "Dispelling the myths" section helps make this piece user friendly. The profiles, along with use of color, paper, and design elements, tie this piece closely to other recruitment publications, ensuring that prospective students and their parents see the admissions process as well considered and professional. 


Intro 2009

Concise overview of the undergraduate experience at Northwestern conveys essential information about the University through brief texts, emotive photographs, and clear charts and maps. Designed for prospective students and their parents. 

intro 2009

Open Minds

Brochure aims to increase the ethnic and economic diversity of undergraduate applicants—and thus of the Northwestern community. Through personal stories, compelling photography, and telling facts, the piece seeks to portray the University as a place where diversity is valued and thrives.

open minds


Main undergraduate recruitment publication provides a comprehensive overview of the University community and a Northwestern education. Featuring sections on the six undergraduate schools, Chicago and Evanston, campus life, and successful alumni, among others, the viewbook uses the words and stories of students and faculty, vivid photography, and striking color to tell the story of life at a great university.