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University Identity

The essense of Northwestern University's brand is its combination of innovative teaching and pioneering research in a highly collaborative environment. The brand's success hinges on consistent implementation of Northwestern's logo, official color, and other visual elements.

Official color: Purple

Northwestern official purple color swatch
Pantone CMYK RGB Hex
267 C80 M100 Y0 K0 R82 G0 B99 #4e015c


Northwestern University logo


  • The seal and the words "Northwestern University" must appear together as a single element. Maintain the size relationship of the seal and words.
  • The logo must be large enough to be readable. In print publications, the seal's diameter must be at least 1/2". Design elements, such as backgrounds, must not obstruct legibility.
  • Allow enough space around the logo: at least half the diameter of the seal above/below the logo; at least the diameter of the seal to left/right of the logo.
  • The logo should appear in only one color. (Preferable purple or strongest color available.)

Incorrect Usage

Use the images and instructions in the slideshow below to avoid common misuse of the logo.

University identity on the web

  • The University logo must appear at the top left or bottom left of every page. It must always link back to the Northwestern University home page.
  • The logo, available for download, should not be altered, overlapped, cropped, or distorted. Appropriate boundaries (with at least 20 pixels of space on each side and 20 pixels on top) have already been set on the downloadable versions.
  • The logo and its background must be a high-contrast combination. Downloadable versions of the logo are available with purple, white, and black backgrounds.
  • A department or unit logo must appear to the right of the Northwestern logo (if both are in the header or footer).