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Frequently Asked Questions

Do carpoolers recieve a discounted rate on parking?

Carpoolers pay the full price for one parking permit. This amount can be split between all the carpoolers along with other shared expenses (tolls, gas, etc.) to save money on commuting.

How is garage parking eligibility determined?

Garage parking eligibility is determined by your individual campus. Contact your parking office to determine your assigned parking options.

What if our carpool utilizes different vehicles?

Hanging passes will be distributed to Evanston Campus carpoolers. These can be switched between vehicles. Two swipe cards will be distributed to Chicago Campus carpoolers. These can be used regardless of which carpool vehicle is being driven.

Will all carpoolers' WildCARDS be activated to gain access to the Chicago parking garages?

Each carpool will recieve 2 swipe cards for garage access.

Why are commuters eligible for carpooling benefits even if they only carpool 3 or more weekdays instead of all 5?

We encourage drivers to carpool 5 days a week. However, 3 days is the minimum requirement needed to take advantage of parking discounts on Chicago and Evanston. Parking vouchers can be obtained at University Services in Chicago and the University Police offices in Evanston.

Can I carpool with non-NU employees?

Yes. However, they will not have access to NU parking facilities if they drive to work without other carpool members. Additionally, only NU employees are eligible for Emergency Ride Home benefits.

Is parking free for carpoolers?

Carpoolers are still required to pay the regular parking fee.

How many people are required in each carpool?

At least two people.

Will Northwestern provide my carpool vehicle?

Northwestern does not provide carpooling vehicles. However, PACE provides vans through its Vanpool Incentive Program. Visit or call 847-228-2492 for more information.

I bike to work. Can I carpool with other bikers during the winter quarter only?

Yes. You may buy a parking permit for just the winter quarter.
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