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Chicago Parking Customer Service Enhancements

In an effort to enhance customer service and improve the experience of individuals visiting Northwestern’s Chicago campus, the management of the Erie and Huron street parking garages will be managed by a new service provider effective April 1, 2016. This change will have no impact on rates or access to the garage and requires no action on the part of the individuals who use the facilities or the organizations and departments that rely on them for business operations. There are no anticipated service interruptions during this transition.

Northwestern Transportation and Parking is committed to enhancing the experience and improving the level of service provided at the Northwestern garages. Service and amenity enhancements planned for 2016 include:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are rates going to increase?
    • No, rates will not change at this time.
  2. Will garage accessibility change?
    • No, the garages will remain open with management on-site 24/7.
  3. Do I need to re-register for monthly parking?
    • No action is required.
  4. Will my parking garage assignment change?
    • No, you will continue to have access to the garage(s) you are currently assigned to.
  5. Will my WildCard/parking access card still work?
    • Yes, individuals should continue to use their Wildcard or uniquely assigned parking access card to enter and leave the garages.
  6. Will the validation process change? Do I need to replace my validation ticket inventory?
    • No, all validation tickets currently in use by departments will be accepted through May 31, 2016. We will separately communicate instructions on how to exchange current validation tickets prior to May 31.

For any and all questions related to parking on the Chicago campus, please contact:

Zenobia Robinson
Northwestern University
Transportation & Parking Services
Abbott Hall – 710 N. Lake Shore Drive
312.503.4147 Back to top