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Travel Sustainably

Taking alternative transportation reduces the use of fossil fuels which reduces greenhouse gas emissions, decreases dependence on foreign oil, and saves money for everyone! You’re in luck too; Northwestern University, Evanston, and Chicago offer a variety of lower impact options! Do your part to lower your environmental impact and to make the air on our campus and in the community cleaner.


Walk it

Be clean, green, and healthy by being a pedestrian.

Bike it

bikesBoth Evanston and Chicago have outlined and are implementing more bike routes to encourage a greener and healthier form of transportation. And if you are tired, you can always take your bike onto the CTA or the NU shuttle.

Want to get more involved in the cycling community?:

Nervous about riding your bike on the road? Chicago has a bike buddy program that will teach you the ropes so you can ride with confidence!

Wheel and deal

Buying a bike:

Worried about losing your bike? NU Police offer free bike registration and sell U-shaped Kryptonite locks.

CTABe public

Take public transit.

Ride the shuttle

The Campus Shuttles are free to students, faculty, and staff with a valid WildCARD.

Share a ride

If you need a car for a day or just a couple of hours then pick up an i-GO car or Zipcar, which offer special programs and discounts for the NU community!