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Certify your Space

Green Office CertificationLet your friends, neighbors, and colleagues know that you value a sustainable home and work environment. Now you have the opportunity to officially certify your room, office, or event as a “green!”

Green Room Certification

Green Room Certification provides students with the opportunity to fill out a checklist online to assess how “green” they are living. Students are recognized for taking the certification by receiving a certificate for their door from their Eco-Rep. There are three levels of certification, which are distinguished by receiving one to three “wind-powered” leaves.

Green Office Certification

Green Office Certification is an opportunity for staff and faculty members to assess sustainable practices within their office or department. Participants will complete a short initial survey to sign up for Green Office Certification and will be contacted by the Office of Sustainability to host a presentation on the Certification process. Green Office Certification is broken down into seven different topics, including; energy, waste, purchasing, water, travel, meetings and events, and engagement. Offices who complete the certification process will be awarded with a certificate.

Green Event Guide

The Undergraduate Associated Student Government (ASG) Sustainability Committee has created a guide for student-organized events. Contact the ASG Sustainability Committee if you have questions.