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Green Office Certification

Green Office Certification provides an opportunity for faculty and staff to further decrease their department's or office's environmental impact. The program offers guidance on energy and water conservation, waste reduction, and increasing environmental awareness in the workplace. There are leadership opportunities in the program and everyone is encouraged to get involved.

Why Should my Office get Certified?

Northwestern is committed to promoting sustainability on campus and beyond and we can’t do this without your involvement.

  • Creates a healthier and greener workplace
  • Is easy to implement
  • Provides tools to ease the process
  • Is tailored to fit your office
  • Offers University-wide recognition
  • Helps NU become a leader in sustainability

Why Should I Participate?

We are confident you already take on a lot of these initiatives and we are excited to learn from your efforts. Green Office Certification helps in assessing and recognizing what is already being done and what small steps can be made to create an even more sustainable workplace. We encourage you to cite being a Green Office Certification Category Lead in your Performace Evaluation.

What Does the Program Involve?

Green Office Certification is broken into seven categories:

  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Purchasing
  • Water
  • Travel
  • Meetings and events
  • Engagement

Each category is led by a faculty or staff member who encourages co-workers to participate in the program. These leaders communicate efforts, answer questions, and come up with new and innovative ideas to green their office.

How can my Office get Certified?

Fill out this survey!
Questions? Email us.

Who is Certified?

Recieved Certification:

  • University Library (Mudd, Oak Grove, NU Press, Schaffner)
  • IT Information and System Security/Compliance

Awaiting Certification:

  • Advancement; J. L. Kellogg School of Management
  • Alumni Relations and Development
  • Chemistry of Life Processes Institute
  • Chicago Health IT Regional Extension Center
  • Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Facilities Management
  • Institute for Public Health and Medicine
  • IT and Academic Research Technologies
  • Kellogg School of Management Executive MBA Progra
  • Multicultural Student Affairs
  • New Student and Family Programs
  • Norris University Center
  • Office for Research
  • Office of Budget and Planning
  • Office of Student Engagement
  • Purchasing Resource Services
  • School of Professional Studies
  • Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching
  • School of Law Office of Admissions