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Make your New Year’s resolution green!

January 2014 | by sustainNU
green new years resolutionIndividuals across the Northwestern community have made commitments to reduce their environmental footprint in 2014. If you’re still looking for a new year’s resolution idea, please consider a green one! Need a thought starter? Check out the sustainNU Green Pledge for ideas.

Northwestern University President, Morton Schapiro:
“Lower my carbon footprint by walking, not just back and forth to the office all year, but by foregoing all driving anywhere in Evanston.” (Morty already drives a Prius!)

Director of Sustainability, Rob Whittier:
“Limit eating red meat to once a month; the production of one pound of beef requires 500-5,000 gallons of water!”

Senior Lecturer of Economics, Mark Witte:
“Buy up extra stock in BP so I can vote at shareholder meetings.”

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Eric Masanet:
“Install a switchable power strip in my office to eliminate vampire power.”

Norris University Center:
“Write a sustainability plan that connects with Northwestern’s larger sustainability goals.”

Diana Armacanqui ‘16:
“Walk and bike more; even when a car is an option.”

Adam Berman ‘14:
“Eat more locally grown food!”

Elizabeth Conger ’14:
“Eat meat only three days a week.”

Gia Eapen ‘17:
“Take shorter showers.”

Danny Ginzburg ‘14:
“Become a more sustainable food consumer by purchasing more local produce and cutting down on food waste by canning and preserving my food.”

William Grubbe ‘17:
“Reduce the amount of energy that I use by effectively managing my electronic devices.”

Jack Heider ’17:
“Turn off my lights when I leave my room.”

Brenna Ledvora ‘15:
“Always bring my own to-go mug to coffee shops.”

Allison Miller, ‘17:
“Use a reusable K-cup filter instead of many plastic K-cups in my Keurig.”

Elizabeth “Bit” Meehan ‘17:
“Recycle all of my plastic bags and switch over to using a reusable bag.”

Jenna Perlstein ‘17:
“Unplug my electronics when I am not using them.”

Carrie Phillips ‘16:
“Carry a thermos so I don't use disposable coffee cups!”

Nora Richter ‘14:
“Reduce my waste by purchasing less, buying more bulk items, and reusing or composting what I can.”

Rachel Sholes ‘14:
“Skip the dryer and hang my clothes to dry to save energy.”

Liz Schrier ‘14:
“Not purchase or use any plastic water bottles to cut down on waste.”

Raymond Siddiqi ‘17:
“Take more digital notes and print double-sided to reduce paper waste.”

Mark Silberg ‘14:
“Carbon offset my travel and invest in clean tech companies.”

Isabel Sturla ‘17:
“Hang my clothes to dry versus using a drying machine.”

Mahera Walia ‘17:
“Switch off the lights when I leave the room.”

Lauren Wustenberg ’15:
“Remember my reusable bags every time I go to the store, and if I don't, to not use a bag at all!”

Jamie Yarmoff ’16:
“Unplug all my electronics when I'm not using them.”