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Work Study/Internships

The Office of Sustainability offers unpaid summer internships and work-study positions during the school year. The positions vary from year to year, but we advertise for work-study positions in August and September and the summer internships in April-May. Email us if you are interested.

Work-Study Spotlight 2013-2014

Deborah Chung-Yu TengDeborah Chung-Yu Teng

  • Year: Senior
  • Role: Energy Management Aide
  • Projects: I am working on a data analysis using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Project Manager tool to calculate the energy consumed for each building on campus. The specific energy data I look at is electricity, natural gas, and steam. In the future, the Office of Sustainability hopes to use this information to assist decision making and improvements in energy usage and efficiency across campus.
  • Why the Office of Sustainability: Working with the Office of Sustainability is so much fun! Everyone should get to know Rob, Julie, and Allison. Another thing that everyone should do is think about their environmental impacts and go green.

Liz ShrierElizabeth Shrier

  • Year: Senior
  • Role: Cycling Aide
  • Projects: I'm working to increase the number of bikers on Northwestern campus by creating safer, more accessible infrastructure, and a stronger bike culture. This year, I'll be working with civil engineering company Sam Schwartz on an overall evaluation of the state of biking at Northwestern as well as with individuals within Facilities Management on abandoned bikes and bike parking.
  • Why the Office of Sustainability: Because sustainability is much more than just being 'green.' This department focuses on improving social, environmental, and economic well-being at Northwestern. Bikes fit in well here because they not only help reduce individual carbon footprints, but contribute to a sense of community, health, and economic equity.

Allison MillerAllison Miller

  • Year: Freshman
  • Role: Communications Aide
  • Projects: I work on the monthly newsletter, writing and editing articles that are put on the website and sent out via email. I also update the website with new information. I was recently trained and certified in Google Analytics, which allows me to track the traffic the website receives and better understand what pages are popular and what needs improvement.
  • Why the Office of Sustainability: I wanted to have a work-study job where I could be doing something good for the community, rather than just sit at a desk doing homework. At the Office of Sustainability, I can use my skills to benefit an organization that works on behalf of the planet.