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Work Study/Internships

The Office of Sustainability offers unpaid summer internships and work-study positions during the school year. The positions vary from year to year, but we advertise for work-study positions in August and September and the summer internships in April-May. Email us if you are interested.

Work-Study Spotlight 2013-2014

Tiffany KwakwaTiffany

  • Role: Cycling Planning and Safety Aide
  • Projects: I'm working to improve the cycling experience on campus by collecting data on transportation usage through cycling traffic counts and a survey which will be distributed this year.  I have also been in contact with other universities about bike shops on their campuses as there may be one on Northwestern's campus in the years to come.
  • Why the Office of Sustainability: At the Office of Sustainability, I get hands-on experience in sustainable project planning while also benefiting the Northwestern community.  Sustainability can enter a person's lifestyle on any level, from personal commitment to federal mandates, and providing better infrastructure for cyclists on a college campus is just one of the many ways to help folks go green!

Michael DaughertyMichael

  • Role: Recycling and Resource Management Aide
  • Projects: I am working on making sure that each building at Northwestern has enough recycling bins in the appropriate places. The more convenient it is for people to the use recycling bins on campus, the more Northwestern will recycle as a community. I will also work on ways to spread awareness about the recycling program at NU.
  • Why the Office of Sustainability: Sustainability is something I care deeply about, and I love having a work study job that aligns with my values and interests. I feel like my work can draw a lot of attention to the recycling program and make NU a greener community.

Allison MillerAllison

  • Role: Communications Aide
  • Projects: I work on the monthly newsletter, writing and editing articles that are put on the website and sent out via email. I also update the website with new information. I was recently trained and certified in Google Analytics, which allows me to track the traffic the website receives and better understand what pages are popular and what needs improvement.
  • Why the Office of Sustainability: I wanted to have a work-study job where I could be doing something good for the community, rather than just sit at a desk doing homework. At the Office of Sustainability, I can use my skills to benefit an organization that works on behalf of the planet.

Nick PhillipsNick

  • Role: Energy and Greenhouse Gases Management Aide/NU Sustainability Fund Management Aide
  • Projects: I’ll be working on two different projects. The first project entails updating energy and water consumption data for Evanston campus buildings, then looking at under- and overachieving buildings, and determining strategies to reduce energy and water consumption. The second will be supporting student-led sustainability projects with the Northwestern Sustainability Fund.
  • Why the Office of Sustainability: I wanted to do something meaningful for my work-study position, and I think cutting back our environmental impact is one of the most pressing and complex matters our world faces today. The goal for me is to help reduce Northwestern’s ecological footprint and encourage students to do the same in their individual lives.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that everyone at the Office of Sustainability is great to work with!

Scott BrownScott Brown

  • Role: Energy Management Aide
  • Projects: I am working with the EPA's Portfolio Manager tool to input data and track about the energy usage of buildings across the Evanston and Chicago campuses. This will be used to improve building efficiency and save energy!
  • Why the Office of Sustainability: If I'm going to work anyway, I figured I should work on something I'm passionate about, so this job was perfect for me. I get to learn more about sustainability in a real context and work to decrease Northwestern's impact in a meaningful way.