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Strategic Plan

Northwestern University recognizes the importance of a sustainable campus culture. We embarked on the creation of our first Strategic Plan for Sustainability which will provide a vision and goals for our curriculum and research, infrastructure and operations, and engagement and outreach. Recognizing the complexity of sustainability and the breadth of its of impacts, from energy and greenhouse gas emissions to policy and regulation, President Schapiro and the Office of Sustainability created a cross-disciplinary Sustainability Council which will be responsible for establishing this vision. This council will oversee the implementation of the programs and initiatives that will help the University achieve those goals.

Northwestern’s Sustainability Council consists of representatives and thought leaders from almost every school and most functional departments. The council also comprises students, both undergraduate and graduate, who are leaders in sustainability organizations and the Associated Student Government.

The Sustainability Council has faculty and administrative representation from:

And student participation from:

Working groups

The Sustainability Council supports the creation and implementation of the strategic plan for sustainability through the development and facilitation of working groups comprised of subject matter experts and key stakeholders in the following areas:

These working groups are tasked with identifying and assessing initiatives that will help Northwestern achieve its vision for sustainability and with providing ongoing recommendations and progress reports to the Sustainability Council, the Office of the Provost, and the President.

For more information about Northwestern’s Strategic Plan for Sustainability, please contact the Office of Sustainability.

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