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Routine Medical Care Abroad

HTH Worldwide is contracted with more than 3,600 carefully selected doctors, dentists and behavioral health practitioners in 160 countries around the world. Northwestern students can search by location and review the professional background of HTH contracted physicians, choosing the most appropriate one to treat his or her medical condition. Requests for appointments can be made directly to the physician or can be coordinated through HTH's Global Health and Safety division. Requests for direct-billing should be made in advance of the scheduled appointment through HTH Global Health Services, so that an HTH Guarantee of Payment (GOP) can be issued.

For non-emergency medical care, be prepared to pay for treatment, but save all receipts. When you return to the U.S. you can seek full reimbursement. For more information, visit HTH's Student Portal. Be sure to have your HTH Certificate card handy if you haven’t already created an account.

Students who want to research potential health needs prior to departure can review HTH's Student Portal. Some of its many features include lists of approved hospitals, doctors, dentists, pharmacies, and translation services.

For non-emergencies, emails can be sent to You may also phone HTH (24/7) at (610) 254-8771. Do not send emails if emergency assistance is required. Call the prior phone number provided.

Note: International students returning to their country of citizenship for study abroad are not eligible for HTH coverage and should work through their usual process to obtain medical services.