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Prague: Communications, New Media + Journalism

Prague: Communications, New Media + Journalism website  (map)

Sponsor: Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

Location: Prague, Czech Republic


This program gives students the opportunity to develop a deeper literacy about global communication trends, while analyzing and articulating the complexities of contemporary life in the Czech Republic.  All participants enroll in a CIEE Czech language course, a for-credit CIEE internship, and three elective courses taken from amongst CIEE, The Prague Film and Television School of the Academy of the Performing Arts (FAMU), and Charles University course offerings.  Internships are availablewith local media organizations and firms, and CIEE offers a weekly guest lecture series featuring local artists, filmmakers, political figures, and philosophers discussing contemporary, issues, art, and media topics.

Program Type: Affiliated


  • Fall
  • Winter/Spring


Read Internships and Service Learning for specific information about earning credit for internships.

Admission Info:
To apply, Northwestern students must: 

  1. Complete an NU Study Abroad Application by the appropriate deadline
  2. Complete a CIEE application by the program's deadline

Languages: English, Czech


Homestay, Charles University dormitory or a CIEE-administered apartment.

Program Costs: 

Fall 2014: $24,620

Billed by Northwestern: $18,650

  • Tuition: $13,048
  • Housing: $3,000
  • CIEE insurance: $102
  • SAAF: $2,500

Estimated additional costs: $5,970

  • Participation confirmation: $300
  • Meals: $1,850
  • Airfare: $1,200
  • Local transportation: $50
  • Books & supplies: $100
  • Personal expenses: $2,200
  • Visa: $125
  • HTH: $145


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