New Staff Check List

staff welcoming a new staff member at a staff event

This check list was created to assist Student Affairs departments in welcoming new staff members to work and life at Northwestern University.

Before The New Staff Member Arrives

Step 1A - Northwestern University Human Resources (Employment Documents)

Prior to the new staff member arriving on campus on the first day, send the new employee the following documents.  These can be found on the Human Resources website:

  • Personal data form
  • I-9 (additional information about e-verify process) **Second section of e-verify must be completed within 3 days of the new hire’s official start date.  Assign this task to the person in your department who has been trained in the process.
  • W-4

When the personal data form has been completed, it must be submitted in order to authorize the creation of a new staff Net ID.

Step 1B - Student Affairs Employee Policy Forms

All staff who are employed by Staff Affairs are required to complete the following forms and submit them to their supervisors:

Step 1C - Student Affairs Hazing Prevention & Reporting Training

All staff who are employed by the Student Engagement unit in Student Affairs are required to review the following slides and attest to reading them. Once read, the new employee must email to their supervisors. For other units and departments in Student Affairs, the training is optional.

Step 2 - Student Affairs Information Technology (New Employee Computer Setup)

Complete the SAIT New Employee On-Boarding Form so that SAIT can begin the process for a computer setup.

Step 3 - Northwestern University Information Technology (Telephone Setup)

Contact NUIT to request a new phone number, update the contact information for the number or order service.  Send this information to the new hire.  If the new hire will require a work phone, coordinate this with the correct person in the hiring department.

Step 4 - Staff Head Shot

Contact Jill Norton from Student Affairs Marketing to arrange your new hire's professional staff head shot. Include the new hire on the email so they can work out a time together.

Step 5 - Student Affairs Name Tag Order & Email Signature

Contact James McHaley from Student Affairs Marketing to order the new up to date name tags for your new hire as well as an email signature for them to use when corresponding.