Campus Publicity Policies and Procedures - Locations

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Academic Buildings

Tech and Ford Publicity Policy

The Technological Institute and the Ford Engineering Design Center offer Northwestern student organizations and departments the opportunity to advertise Northwestern events on designated kiosks and bulletin boards in high-visibility areas inside the buildings and onthe two exterior kiosks on the Tech West Plaza.

Attaching flyers to walls, doors,windows, columns, and/or on classroom chair backs is prohibited and may be subject to fine per the Campus Publicity Policy.

No chalking or flyers are allowed on the Tech East or West Plazas.  Questions about posting policies in Tech should be directed to the McCormick Manager Space & Safety, 847-467-1994.

Northwestern students conducting NU fundraising and charitable drives in Tech during the week must obtain a permit from McCormick Administrative Manager, Tech L272 or 847-491-5550.  For weekend events, permission is granted from Norris Event Management at 847-491-2330.  For Ford, permission is granted from the McCormick Manager Space & Safety, 847-467-1994.

See the complete Tech and Ford publicity policy

Library Publicity Policies

Norris Center & Outdoor Publicity Policies

All publicity locations in the Norris Center, as well as any outdoor locations on campus, are subject to specific reservation policies. Details on these policies are available on the Norris website

Please be aware that each location requires a reservation, which will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Violations of these policies are subject to fine or loss of reservation privileges in the Norris Center.

  • For policies regarding digital advertisements on the Norris TVs:contact Norris Marketing
  • For policies regarding publicity and physical advertisement space in the Norris Center, or to reserve the following locations for publicity or advertisement, contact Norris Event Management

These locations include:

  • Banner Space between Weber Arch and the Rock
  • West Main Banner (1stfloor, Norris)
  • Hanging Advertisement Space
  • Window Painting in 1999 (ground floor, Norris)
  • Table Tents or Table top Advertisements
  • Display Boards & Cases
  • Ground Floor Tables

For policies regarding Outdoor Events and Publicity, contact Norris Event Management

Dining Halls

For policies regarding the posting of tabletop and digital display advertisements in campus dining locations, contact Food Service

Campus Residential Buildings

In buildings with digital displays in them, please contact the Area Coordinator for policy information or other questions regarding advertising.
More information is also available at

The Rock

The Rock is an Outdoor Event Space.  For policies regarding Outdoor Events and Publicity, contact Norris Event Management

City Property

Any publicity or solicitation on city of Evanston property, including all Sheridan Road sidewalks and the Weber Arch must be approved by the city. Further information may be found on the City of Evanston website.